Sciatica Conditions

The team...

HeatMap Spine was founded in 2009 by a team chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists and naturopath doctors.

After helping thousands of individuals in their respective practices, these experts decided that they could reach a far greater audience on the internet. They decided to help others eliminate their sciatic pain online through articles, videos, exercises, books, teleseminars, and more. Between them there are over 40 years of hands on experience. Members of this advisory board choose to stay anonymous as revealing all of this information for free, could upset patients and clients that have been paying them for years. And frankly, the insurance companies would also probably not appreciate some of the things they have to say about the state of our current medical system.

They are here to share their knowledge about sciatica pain and help you relieve sciatica pain. They have decided to put their practice into a complete sciatica solution consisting of the Free Sciatica Relief Guide, Video Course, Email Course and share it with the world. You can grab your free course here.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, concerns, or would just simply like to share your thoughts.

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