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Are you tired of feeling tired, stressed, discouraged, even sick? Most people feel overwhelmed with contradicting information regarding health. We created this site with the intention of creating a place where people can come get factual, unbiased health information.

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How Long Does Sciatica Last?

If you’re dealing with a painful sciatica flare-up, you likely have one question on the top of your mind: How long does sciatica last? I have good news for you if this is the first time you’re experiencing sciatica pain. Read more

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Sciatica Exercises to Avoid: Do This, Not That

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest single nerve in your body, running from your lower spine down each leg and ending in each foot. Sciatica refers to the pain, numbness and other symptoms caused by compression or inflammation of this important nerve. Read more

The 5 Most Effective Treatments for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Sciatica

You can do this with a natural anti-inflammatory or something similar. Remember, this will NOT eliminate the underlying, physical cause of the problem… it will deal with the inflammation but it is not going to correct muscle imbalances, decompress your spine, force you to sit up straight, etc… the goal is to reduce pain so you can work on addressing the underlying cause(s). Read more

Your Sciatica Relief Action Plan

To get sciatica relief you need to understand more about sciatica pain. The term “sciatica” typically refers to a sharp or steady pain that radiates up and down the back of the leg (i.e., through the hamstring), or “sciatic nerve.” Read more

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